Microsoft has introduced a host of security features for Windows 11. The enhancements aim to provide users with greater control over privacy and protection against potential threats, IndiaTV News reported. One of the features has garnered the attention of users – app privacy settings, which provide users with transparency and control over their personal information.

In the wake of the increasing data breaches that many well-known tech names are being accused of right now, Microsoft is taking preventive measures by paying more attention to just that.

Another interesting feature is the VPN (virtual private network) that can be seen. When users establish a recognized VPN connection, a small shield icon appears in the taskbar indicating that the connection is secure. This enables users to check the status of their VPN.

The tech giant has also included options to customize the VPN feature through quick settings. This enables users to align VPN settings according to their personal preferences and requirements.

Microsoft said Windows 11 PCs are equipped with the advanced Pluton security processor, which offers improved protection from the chip to the cloud. An integration that provides robust protection against malware, hardware attacks and certificate compromise.

Starting this month, users will receive real-time alerts in their Start menu notifying them of immediate actions to protect their information and computer.

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