Bosch, a global leader in the automotive industry, is developing a special Engineering Center Sofia to meet the new technologies, revolutionary changes in the automotive industry and the requirements of its customers.

Around 400 talented software professionals will develop innovative technologies for the automotive industry in the new center. Their work will be concentrated on several areas such as driving assistance, automated driving, and electric mobility.

What is more, the center aims to become a hub for the latest automotive software solutions.

With the opening of the engineering center in Sofia, Bosch creates a large-scale associates’ development program.

The new center provides an opportunity on software engineers to work on the latest automotive technology projects, such as automated driving systems, which include systems for monitoring and evaluating the behavior of the driver in the vehicle; artificial intelligence (AI), which processes the incoming data, makes decisions and initiates actions to drive the vehicle so that accidents can be prevented.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International