AWS has released a new Linux distribution, Infoq reports. With AL2023, customers can expect a predictable two-year major release cycle and long-term maintenance, frequent and flexible updates, an improved security posture with features such as SELinux, live-patching of the kernel (x86-64 and ARM), OpenSSL 3.0, revised cryptographic policies, deterministic updates with versioned repositories, and more.

There are a few differences between Amazon Linux 2 and AL2023. One of the most important differences is that Amazon Linux 2 offers long-term support until June 30, 2023, while AL2023 has a predictable two-year major release cycle and long-term support.

“The distribution locks to a specific version of the Amazon Linux package repository, giving you control over how and when you absorb updates. By default, and in contrast with Amazon Linux 2, a dnf update command will not update your installed packages. This helps to ensure that you are using the same package versions across your fleet”,

explained Sebastian Stormack, chief developer advocate at AWS.

AWS is also distributing Amazon Linux 2023 as Docker images from Amazon Elastic Container Registry (Amazon ECR) and Docker Hub. These images are built from the same software components included in the Amazon Linux 2023 AMI.

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