If you ask ChatGPT “what plans does he have for February 14?”, he will tell you that as an artificial intelligence with a language model, he has no personal plans or experiences. When you ask it “do you know what love is?” or “do you feel love?”, it will again reply that it has no personal experience. Ironically, though it cannot “feel” love like we humans do, it “knows” what it is, writes Analytics India Mag.

Does ChatGPT express feelings?
ChatGPT wrote a poem in the style of the famous English poet John Keats. And although his task was well done, the poem was obviously not personalized the way we would want if we were to send it to someone. Of course you could hardly expect otherwise especially when we know that even some people would not do well with writing and expressing feelings. We wouldn’t want to draw attention to a particular gender, as there are representations of both of whom creativity is not their strong suit.

Built on GPT 3.5, LLM can give words to the user’s imagination in a flawless way. But it inevitably fails to evoke emotions.

Source: Analytics India Mag

The perfect gift – a poem, but not from your half
According to a recent report by cybersecurity company McAfee’s “Modern Love Research Report,” this Valentine’s Day, one in four, that’s 26% of people, plan to use artificial intelligence to write notes, letters or songs for their loved ones. Of these, 30% were men, who were found to be more likely to use AI for this purpose, compared to women (22%). Well, as mentioned above, we don’t want to divide the sexes or instill tension between them, but the results wouldn’t surprise us, in the nice and joking sense of course.

Creativity takes time?
After the debut of ChatGPT on OpenAI, several users experimented with it to express their love through poems and letters. If you give ChatGPT a creative prompt, it can generate dozens of page-length poems in less than 30 seconds. You can even edit the result to improve it, as often as you like.

Did you choose a gift for your mate? Or will you leave yourself in the trusted hands of ChatGPT, who will solve the problem in seconds or not?!

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