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Starting with the Cheetah Grid 1.0 – a high-performance grid engine that works on a canvas for Vue.js. Cheetah Grid is the fastest open-source data table for the web. According to Future Corp, there is a bold claim from a library they’ve not encountered before. From the latest live demo, you can check the 1,000,000 records in a table if you want to try it for yourself.

You can check the whole demo from here.

The GitHub coding demo that we want to present is from Steve Cochrane: tailwind CSS-logical: A CSS Logical Properties and Values Plugin for Tailwind.

He explained more about the demo improvements, the tailwind CSS-logical usage, the CSS Logical Properties and Values, and the included flow-related values for float, clear, text-align, resilience and overscroll- behaviour. Steve also covered the Logical Height and Logical Width, the Flow-relative Margins, Padding, Offsets, Border and Divide Width, and Corner-Rounding.

If you want to check the full demo click here.

Reseter.css is an awesome CSS reset for a website. It is a great tool for any web designer. Reseter.css resets all the premade styles by the browser. It normalizes the browser’s stylesheet for a better cross-browser experience.

Krish Dev DB is a developer who works on open source projects. He also writes articles on Medium and and makes tutorials for coding. In his latest article, Krish examined another alternative to Normalize.css with offering multiple formats including SCSS and styled components. He also included a chart to compare it to other reset options.

Check Krish’s Futuristic CSS reset from here.

Another insight that we want to cover today is published by Trung Vo, an angular Enthusiast and Author of Jira Clone. Trung Vo, Chau Tran, Tiep Phan and Nikos Anifantis made a demo reproduction of the Spotify Client Built with Angular 11 bringing together Angular 11, Nx Workspace, ngrx, TailwindCSS and ng-zorro.

You can check their whole article from here.

If you are already tired of searching animations for your menu items and links… now you don’t have to search anymore. In the latest article of Temani Afif, another dev guy who loves hacking with CSS, you can find a list of more than 100 different animations. From the simple one to the more complex one, you will definitely find what you want.

Check Temani’s ultimate CSS collection from here.

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