Delta Air Lines will offer passengers free Wi-Fi starting Feb. 1 after years of exploring the possibility, CNBC reported.

“About 80 percent of Delta’s domestic fleet will offer the service next month, but it will be offered on more planes with each passing week.”

CEO Ed Bastian said during a presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The free Wi-Fi will be available on more than 700 planes by the end of 2023 and on international and regional jets by the end of next year.

Travelers will access the free internet service by logging in with their Delta SkyMiles frequent flier account information.Though passengers will need a SkyMiles account, it’s free to become a member.

Delta has also announced that from this summer it will introduce new in-flight entertainment systems and movies are part of that plan. No doubt the flight would pass uneventfully with an interesting movie and free wi-fi to allow people who are afraid of heights to travel in peace.

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