VMware has released a number of new features for the Tanzu Application Platform and Tanzu Application Service. Tanzu Application Platform provides a multi-cloud platform that runs on Kubernetes. Tanzu Application Service is a delivery and operations platform. Some of the features include buildpack enhancements, API maturity assessment, noisy neighbor impact prevention services, and shared routes.

The enhanced experience for Java developers in Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ IDE offers the ability to provision a Git repository when creating a project using Application Accelerator for VMware Tanzu in Visual Studio Code IDE. The generated code will be pushed to the provided repository, so developers can simply commit their changes to the repository instead of using a manual set of steps.

The Developer Sandbox for Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ allows developers to update their code in real-time – as well as simultaneously debug the updated code – without having to turn off Live Update when debugging. This can make code iteration even faster, as a full code build is not required when running a debug session. Source code changes can be continuously synchronized with the running container.

Developers can now debug while the source code is being built and deployed through the development cluster supply chain, from within the IntelliJ IDE. The Activity Pane in the Tanzu panel can visualize supply chain steps, display detailed error messages, and allow developers to view resource logs without leaving their IDE – eliminating the need for context switching.

Tanzu Application Platform 1.4 also offers increased flexibility through API lifecycle management. Tanzu Application Platform helps teams design, deploy, and manage APIs. With Tanzu Application Platform 1.3, you could configure workloads with the associated API specification and automatically expose them in the Tanzu Application Platform GUI using ready-made, secure supply chains.

Enhanced IT operations experiences for Jenkins and Kaniko integrations allow Tanzu Application Platform to meet customers where they are, supporting customization and use of their existing development tools and pipelines on the way to production.

Customizing supply chain stages is easier with Tekton integrations. Tanzu Application Platform helps organizations build secure paths to production by providing ready-made defaults and supporting tools that teams may have already adopted.

The introduction of shared routes that are visible across all Cloud Foundry spaces simplifies the process of migrating applications from one space to another.

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