Python Packaging Index (PyPI) announced the introduction of “Organization” accounts as the first step in its plan to build financial support and long-term sustainability, Developer Tech reports.

PyPI organizations are self-managed teams with branded web addresses. PyPI aims to make its platform easier to use for large community projects, organizations, or companies that manage multiple subteams and packages. Community projects can access the new accounts for free, and corporate projects can access them for a “small fee”.

PyPI assures its users that the new features are optional and that they are under no obligation to set up an organization if it will not be useful to them. PyPI is open to feedback and encourages its users to share ideas about safety, security, and usability that would benefit the community.

Community projects and corporate teams can register to claim their organization’s name starting today. Requests will begin to be reviewed and approved in the coming weeks, and corporate teams will be able to finalize their registration with billing information in May.

The PyPI Organizational Introduction has been approved by the Packaging Working Group and is funded through the Python Software Foundation’s sponsorship program.

The purpose of introducing organizations accounts to PyPI is to help maintain its long-term sustainability while also responding to community requests.

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