Amazon Web Services is making its fully managed container application service available this week. AWS App Runner is designed to help developers easily and rapidly deploy, develop and run containerized web applications and APIs by handling all the operational aspects such as provisioning, scaling and managing container orchestration, load balancing and CI/CD pipelines.

Users will just have to provide the source code, container image and deployment pipeline and the solution will take care of the network traffic, scale up or down depending on the demand, monitor application health and encrypt traffic. Deepak Singh, vice president of computing services at AWS commented:

With AWS App Runner, development teams—even those who have never used containers or managed infrastructure—can get a containerized application up and running in minutes, so these customers can instead focus on creating the applications that drive their businesses forward rather than managing the underlying hardware and software infrastructure.”

Amazon explained while users have benefited from AWS Fargate for deploying and running containerized apps, many were asking for a solution that tackled the entire container environment. Amazon wrote in announcement:

“These customers want to simply point to their existing code or container repository and have their applications and APIs run and scale automatically in the cloud. They want a fully managed service that handles all of the tasks associated with running containerized applications like building and configuring container orchestrators, load balancers, and CI/CD pipelines, as well as ensuring consistent application and API response times by reducing latency and eliminating cold starts—even when their development teams lack prior experience deploying and managing containers or infrastructure.”

App Runner leverages AWS Fargate to automatically deploy, scale and manage apps, and is built with AWS operational and configuration best practices such as automated safe deployments and health checks. Additionally, the company explained the solution eliminates cold states, provides a consistent app response time and helps developers of all skill levels to build modern containerized web apps.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International