Emo Abadjiev, an engineer with many years of experience, one of the first experts in the field of digital urban development and founder of Tumba Solutions, will participate in the panel “Digitization and Cybersecurity” at the prestigious Green Transition conference. The event will take place on 22 June, and he will present the latest projects in his focus – WeRide.Today and the Digital City.

Emilian Abadjiev, founder of Tumba Solutions

“Digital technologies hold the power to redefine the architecture of our cities. They serve as essential tools in our quest for sustainable, efficient, and inclusive urban development. By intelligently integrating technologies like 3D, VR, AI, and Web5, we can sculpt smarter cities that offer a higher quality of life while remaining respectful of our planet’s resources. Our goal isn’t merely to keep pace with digital trends, but to proactively leverage these tools to create healthier, safer, and more beneficial environments for all urban residents,”

Emo Abadjiev explained.

WeRide.Today is not just a cutting-edge app, but part of an innovative platform devoted to responsible and human-centric solutions. Designed to assist bike commuters in navigating the often challenging cityscape, it provides more than just personal navigation; it offers contextual hints and showcases helpful Points of Interest (POIs) that simplify urban commuting. Grounded in democratic and open principles, WeRide.Today fosters sustainable active urban mobility, going beyond an app to embody comprehensive technological solutions for a greener, more connected today and future.

In addition to this, Abadjiev will shed light on the revolutionary Digital City project. An ambitious venture that epitomizes his commitment to redefining urban planning for the digital age. The project is poised to reshape how we conceive urban landscapes, integrating emergent technologies like 3D, VR, AI, and Web5 to deliver an unmatched urban living experience.

Through his participation in the Green Transition conference, Abadjiev aims to underline the possibilities of merging advanced technology with real-world applications, reinforcing his belief that these are not merely trends, but powerful tools that can help individuals, businesses, policy makers, and state administrations build groundbreaking products that enhance healthier, safer lives, and maximize technology benefits.

For additional details about the conference, please visit the official Green Transition website and join the “Digitization and Cybersecurity” panel.

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