Girls Who Code has partnered with Doja Cat, to transform the singer’s  music video ‘Woman’, into an interactive experience. Girls Who Code is an organisation that aims to get more women interested in the field of computer science. Now the company has introduced its “first-ever” codable music video in collaboration with Doja Cat.

Users who wish to try out the experience can visit, where everyone will be able to view a futuristic image of Doja Cat which will become pixelated while dragging the mouse over the screen. All users will be able to view three different coloured stars, each of which will represent a different programming language; yellow for CSS; blue for Javascript; and pink for Python.

Users will also be able to make decisions throughout and make use of the codes. The four coded stars will be located on the timeline of the screen which will also show when the video will pause, and which programming language will be showcased.

When the video stops, people will be able to alter different aspects of the video using code.

In one scenario, users will be able to change the colour of Doja Cat’s nails using CSS; the colour you type in alters the color of Doja Cat’s nails in real-time. In another instance, users will be able to enter the name of a city to change the time of day in the video. Additionally, the video will stay true to that location’s current time.

After completing the experience, users will get snapshots of how each area looked after they finished “coding” it. They will also be able to download or share the same, to social media platforms.

While the DojaCode coding experience is not a sure-fire way to learn to program, it is still a fun initiative aimed at inspiring women to take up computer science and programming.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International