Qualcomm introduced the Aware platform, designed to empower developers and enterprises with real-time information and data insights, in turn accelerating their digital transformation programs.

The company said Aware will offer a range of differentiated asset management services that require time-critical and accurate decision-making.

Aware is designed to provide a new base for IoT and help enterprises achieve operational efficiencies. The platform includes cloud security tools and encryption and mutual authentication for all communications between devices and the cloud. It also provides global cellular connectivity, device management and provisioning.

The Aware advantage rests on three key pillars: technology leadership; enablement of an expansive ecosystem of hardware and software partners; and an application programming interface (API)-first architecture and developer-friendly tools that enable interoperability with partner clouds and leading enterprise software tools.

Aware will help create a digital twin in the cloud and provide the logistics industry with the tools needed to manage assets more efficiently throughout their journey. The company is confident that by providing accurate and precise location in an energy-optimized manner, Aware can become a crucial element of future supply chain management efficiency.

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