Undoubtedly, Samsung achieved great success this year with its smartphone lineup. Now the company is really optimistic and has really big plans for 2022. In ‘The Elec’’s opinion, which is a South Korean publication, Samsung recently shared its 2022 smartphone  shipment plans with select suppliers. Samsung’s aim is to improve its market share by two percentage points next year to take its global market share to 21.9%.

According to the report, Samsung expects a significant boost in smartphone sales next year. What does it mean?

We all know that people held off purchasing devices in 2020 and 2021. That’s why the company estimates that users will finally replace their smart devices with new ones.

You must be wondering which are the company’s plans for the upcoming year. Samsung is planning to launch the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition in January, which is a much-delayed device. A month later the Galaxy S22 series will be rolled out and in the very next month, which is in March 2022, Samsung intends to expand its midrange A-series lineup with the Galaxy A53 and the Galaxy A33. Not only that but all these new devices will be followed by the Galaxy A23 in April and the Galaxy A73 in May. Also, the company will roll out its M Series handsets in markets like India and Russia.

Samsung is facing stiff competition from Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. The company’s own data reveals that the 2019 market share of Chinese smartphone brands was 43.8%, and shows that Huawei accumulated a significant chunk of that. Samsung thinks that it has not been able to fill the vacuum left by Huawei’s partial departure from the market in 2020-21.

It appears that Samsung is determined to grab more market share from Huawei. The company has planned a series of aggressive marketing campaigns. It believes сш will result in Chinese smartphone brands losing nearly 2% market share in 2022 to bring them down to 45% of the smartphone market.

The upcoming year is just a month away and it will be interesting to see how Samsung’s strategy will go.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International