The new PlayStation 5 system software update has now been released, Wccftech reports. It introduces a small set of improvements to Sony’s current-generation gaming system.

Update 23.01-07.20.00, which is about 1.51 GB in size, introduces the usual system software performance and stability improvements, as well as usability improvements to messages on some screens.

The DualSense Edge controller is also subject to a software update to improve stability. The update can be downloaded from the PlayStation 5 console or the official PlayStation website.

Sony has released several PlayStation 5 system software updates since the beginning of the year that have fixed minor issues, such as the 23.01- update, which fixed an issue with the game library, and introduced support for new peripherals, such as the aforementioned DualSense Edge controller. The last major update was released in September 2022, introducing support for 1440p HDMI video output, Game Base improvements, custom game lists, and much more.

However, the company is also working on the hardware. Sony is rumored to be working on two new PS5 modes, one that will support a detachable disc drive, and a full-fledged PS5 Pro, along with a portable device focused on Remote Play called the Q Lite. Presumably some of this new hardware, such as the new PS5 model compatible with the external disc drive, and the Q Lite portable device, will be released later this year. Expect us to let you know as soon as that happens.

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