GitHub is giving companies the ability to centrally manage GitHub team memberships through their identity provider, using GitHub’s Enterprise Managed Users service, now available for GitHub Enterprise Cloud users.

The move, unveiled September 30, is intended to help companies of all sizes transition software development operations to the cloud. With Enterprise Managed Users, companies can connect identity providers Azure Active Directory and Okta directly to GitHub Cloud, enabling management of GitHub identity and access for employees, and streamlining processes such as onboarding and user group management.

Enterprise Managed Users also allows companies to create user accounts for employees with a higher level of audit capabilities and visibility. Organizations gain additional controls from Enterprise Managed Users accounts, such as the ability to block managed users from making private information visible to the public.

With GitHub’s Enterprise Managed Users, a company’s GitHub user accounts are standardized and synchronized with the corporate identities managed by the company’s identity provider, thus making collaboration transparent for users. GitHub user names, emails, and display names are defined directly in the company identity provider.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International