The United States has charged Apple with not complying with competition rules, as well as with the monopoly that the company holds in the smartphone market, reports the BBC.

In its lawsuit, the US Department of Justice alleges that Apple is abusing its control of the iPhone app store to keep its users.

Furthermore, it gives the impression that the company is making its competitors’ products less available and appear less attractive to consumers.

Apple denies all accusations. This case is becoming one of the most serious problems facing the company. Complaints against its practices have increased in recent years.

The complaint alleges that Apple uses a series of policies to restrict access to its hardware and software. The company is said to be focusing on increasing its income by increasing prices for its customers and is trying to prevent its competitors from innovating.

“Apple has maintained monopoly power in the smartphone market not simply by staying ahead of the competition on the merits but by violating federal anti-trust law”. “Customers should not have to pay higher prices because companies break the law.” Attorney General Merrick Garland said at a press conference announcing the suit.

The complaint lists 5 areas that the US Department of Justice says the company is infringing.

According to the US, Apple is preventing the development of super apps and streaming apps because it fears that they will drive users away from their need for the iPhone.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that the tech giant prevents syncing between iPhones and smartwatches made by competing companies.

Additionally, the complaint describes Apple not allowing banks or financial companies to access iPhone payment technology. This action provides revenue for the company, which earns billions in fees for processing transactions through Apple Pay.

Apple, for its part, says that according to American law, the company is free to choose which business partners to cooperate with. The tech giant says its rules have been tweaked for security and privacy reasons.

“We believe this lawsuit is wrong on the facts and the law, and we will vigorously defend against it,” the company announced.

Apple representatives announce that they will fight to have the court dismiss the complaint.

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