Progress has announced the release of Progress Sitefinity 14.4, reports DevopsDigest. Progress Sitefinity is at the center of Progress’ composable digital experience platform (DXP), which enables organizations to create personalized digital experiences across multiple digital channels and implement effective digital transformation strategies.

The latest version of Progress Sitefinity makes it easier to deliver modern digital experiences faster through advanced AI-powered algorithms for better customer behavior understanding and segmentation, an upgraded .NET 7 frontend, and the expansion of AI-based conversational interfaces with better context sensitivity. In addition, Sitefinity 14.4 offers organizations extended support timeframes.

“In a world where speed and quality need to go hand in hand, organizations need a partner that removes complexity and brings in stability, connectivity and scalability. With today’s release, we are re-affirming our commitment to be that partner in our customers’ success”,

said Loren Jarrett, EVP and GM, Digital Experience, Progress.

What’s new in Sitefinity 14.4:

Expanded journey analytics for better understanding of behaviors: Analysis and visualization of most common paths around key journey touchpoints allow organizations to verify and optimize customer journeys.

Refined segment discovery with updated AI algorithms: Updates to content analytics and conversion-based rules result in better audience analysis and help improve relevance of digital experiences and targeting.

Sitefinity frontend upgrades to .NET 7: The upgraded decoupled frontend helps improve website performance by deploying optimizations like better caching.

Expanded options to conversational interfaces: Improved experience with better context sensitivity, better personalization of initial engagement and admin tools to better analyze chatbot performance and improve bot training.

Long term support: With guaranteed stability, reliability, performance, security and support from Progress for four years, organizations can continue to derive value from their investments for the long term.

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