Elon Musk shared at an online Twitter event about the new artificial intelligence company xAI, The Washington Post reports. The main goal is to create a super-intelligent artificial intelligence to help solve complex scientific and mathematical questions and “understand” the universe.

During the online audio event, which was streamed live on the social media platform, Musk’s all-male team of mathematics, artificial intelligence and engineering specialists talked about creating an artificial intelligence that is smarter than humans in order to benefit society.

The focus on Musk and his team’s idea is not on a competitive note. They have no intentions of competing with OpenAI, but rather are focused on answering deep scientific questions.

Musk also said he sees xAI as an alternative to larger AI companies, but said it is still “in its infancy” and that it will take time to catch up to OpenAI and Google.

Questions about the nature of dark matter as well as unsolved aspects of the workings of gravity may be among the mysteries his company is trying to explain. Musk spoke at length about the “Fermi paradox,” a theoretical question that asks why humans have not yet discovered extraterrestrials and suggests that technological civilizations typically self-destruct or are destroyed by an outside force before heading to other solar systems.

Jimmy Ba, a University of Toronto professor and well-known AI researcher who joined Musk’s company, said the goal is to create an AI that can help with a range of problems facing humanity.

“How can we build a general purpose problem-solving machine to help all of us, humanity, overcome the most challenging and ambitious problems out there, and how can we use those tools to augment ourselves and empower,” said Jimmy Ba.

Musk said his company’s artificial intelligence could offend people because it would speak “the truth.”

During the Twitter event, Musk said his company will need computing power, but it won’t be as big as other companies and the team will be relatively small.

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