today announced a new open-source project. It’s called BumbleBee and its purpose is to simplify the developer experience for building, packaging, and distributing eBPF tools, told InfoQ.

BumbleBee can also automatically generate boilerplate user-space code for developing eBPF tools and brings a Docker-like experience to packaging an eBPF program. This allows it to plug into other OCI-image workflows for publishing and distribution.Idit Levine, founder and CEO, Said:

“At, we see eBPF as a critical enabling technology that will improve application networking. We’ve been working during the last year to leverage eBPF technology with Gloo Mesh, our Istio-based service mesh offering for the enterprise.”

eBPF comes from extended Berkeley Packet Filter and is a kernel technology that can run sandboxed programs in an operating system kernel, providing a safe way to enhance the kernel with observability, networking, and security technologies.

BumbleBee also includes a CLI (command line interface) and provides tooling to automate away the rest of the experience.

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