Researchers in China are helping 17 million blind people by creating guide dogs controlled by artificial intelligence, GIZMOCHINA shares. The project, developed by scientists at the Polytechnic University of China, provides functions such as accompanying and navigation.

The guide dog, controlled by artificial intelligence, is trained to understand the commands given to it. The attendant can also conduct conversations. It facilitates the daily life of visually impaired people by guiding them through the streets, helping them get into elevators or enter different buildings.

“Smart guide dogs using the language model can offer them more convenient and safe navigation, effectively improving their quality of life,” said Sun Zhe, an associate professor at the university.

Compared to the regular guide dogs we are used to, training AI guides is much cheaper. In addition, AI guide dogs can be created faster than regular dogs.

The project to create AI companions is still in the early stages of development, but according to China, it is possible that AI guide dogs will become widely available very soon.

The collaboration between the Polytechnic University of China and China Telecom Artificial Intelligence Research Institute accelerates the implementation of the project aimed at supporting the daily life of visually impaired people.

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