Rattle, a BizOps Automation and Orchestration platform, announced a seed round of $2.8M from Lightspeed and Sequoia Capital India along with prolific angel investors including Amy Chang, EVP at Cisco and Disney board member, Ellen Levy, early investor in Outreach, Jake Seid, early investor in Brex and Carta, and Krish and Raman, the founders of SaaS unicorn Chargebee.

Rattle’s no-code platform is customizable. Any member of the GTM team can set up and automate their workflows, alerts, and processes. This enables sales and marketing professionals to leverage systems like Salesforce to a whole new level without losing context. All this comes with zero change management so customers get set up and start finding value with Rattle often within the same day. Shelli, SalesOps Manager at Litmus said:

“Rattle has had the highest ROI of any recent tool that we have rolled out. It allows me to create any kind of workflow that I can imagine and has become a verb at our company.”

Rattle has signed up 50+ enterprise customers such as Terminus, Olive, Litmus, Imply and Parsely. Over 70% of its trial customers sign up for paid plans showcasing an irreversible behavior change for how and where work gets done. Consequently, Rattle garners a strong word of mouth from its early adopters, driving rapid customer acquisition.

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