It is no surprise that the technology industry is a lucrative field. According to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for occupations in the tech industry in 2021 is $97,430. Additionally, talent with more years of experience in these positions can reach salaries in excess of $100,000.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics projections, job growth in the information technology sector is expected to be 15% by 2031. These statistics highlight the growing attractiveness of this field as more people choose to pursue a career in technology.

An enticing aspect of technology jobs is their geographic expanse. Career opportunities exist in both large corporations and small businesses. This accessibility ensures that the appeal of technology jobs is not limited to certain regions, but extends worldwide. Today we’ll introduce you to the top tech jobs in the US according to Best Colleges.

The 10 Highest-Paid Jobs in Technology

1. DevOps Engineer
A DevOps engineer is often a bit of a generalist. They are responsible for working with code, infrastructure management, DevOps toolchains, and system administration.

Their day-to-day work will depend on the size and type of company, but DevOps engineers often review code, write unit tests, and help create bridges of communication between various teams. DevOps engineers usually have around five years of experience in operations or development roles before they move to DevOps.

Average salary: $149,410

2. Product Manager
Product managers oversee every step of the project and ensure it is consistently in line with customers’ needs. This role requires a mix of skills, including UX design, tech, and business.

Their roles often include research, analysis, creating designs, testing prototypes, and finding bugs. They will often create a roadmap for the product and follow up with stakeholders, customers, and market research to help guide and improve the product.

Average salary: $136,310

3. Computer and Information Research Scientist
Computer and Information Research Scientists work to improve both hardware and software systems. It is one of the more difficult jobs, but also one of the highest paid. These scientists often work with complex algorithms and programming languages and design computer architecture.

Overall, their goal is to develop innovative ways to use both existing and potential future technologies. They are particularly prevalent in medical and science fields.

Median salary: $131,490

4. Software Developer
Software developers are responsible for creating everything from your favorite game on your phone to system-level software used by hospitals and the military. They need to know how to code, most often in Java, SQL, and JavaScript, as well as have valuable soft skills, such as problem-solving abilities. There is a lot of variability in this role, given the range of types of software in existence. This is also a common entry point for people looking to build up their experience or portfolio.

Median salary: $120,730

5. Computer Network Architect
Computer network architects design and build data communication networks. This can range from small connections within different branches of the same company all of the way up to large-scale cloud infrastructures. They need a strong working knowledge of both hardware and software. A computer network architect is typically responsible for increasing efficiency, recommending and implementing upgrades, and staying up to date with developing technologies. With those goals in mind, they create and present plans to management, upgrade hardware, and work with information and network security.

Median salary: $120,520

6. Artificial Intelligence Architect
Artificial intelligence (AI) architects work closely with data scientists, engineers, and developers to design, build, and create new AIs. The role is often a mix of technical and creative, dreaming up some of the wildest technologies of the future while also being aware of current technological limitations.

There is also a significant ethical component to AI as we try to find the line between what we can and should create.

Average salary: $117,710

7. Information Security Analyst
Information and network security is expected to be one of the most critical areas in tech to develop evermore invasive technologies. The world is full of examples of hacks, everything from large-scale cybersecurity attacks like the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in 2021 to individual privacy issues, like when hackers figure out how to access in-home security cameras.
Keeping all types of products and software safe from security breaches will be one of the most significant projects in the upcoming years.

Median salary: $102,600

8. Mobile App Developer
Mobile app developers design, develop, and implement all different types of mobile applications. Often they will specialize in working with either Android, iOS, or Windows.

App developers are often creative, coming up with new games or tools, but also very technical and practical. App developers also need an in-depth knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Average salary: $98,255

9. Data Scientist
Data is the new digital currency, and data scientists are the ones helping companies, NGOs, and governments turn all of that raw data into something that can tell a story.

Data scientists source, clean, manage, and analyze immense amounts of data looking for actionable insights. They also create algorithms and data models to forecast outcomes. This is a math and statistics-heavy role, with a significant number of data scientists holding at least a master’s degree, if not a Ph.D.

Median salary: $96,710

10. Full-Stack Web Developer
Being a full-stack web developer means a person can develop both server and client software, making them the multitool of the technology world.

Not only do full-stack developers need a strong knowledge of front-end languages, but they also need to be able to write API code and server code for the back end. Because of this, full-stack developers often need to be familiar with a decently long list of programming languages.

Аverage salary: $89,700

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