GitHub, a popular software development platform that hosts open source projects, has allegedly been blocked for some users in India, Gadgets 360 reported.

The domain, used by the service to provide files and content from repositories to users around the world, appears to have been blocked in India. The blocking is active for some ACT Fibernet broadband users, while some Jio Fiber users are also facing issues with the URL. The problem was spotted by users on Sunday, who tweeted that the website was inaccessible on ACT Fibernet service.

Gadgets 360 was able to confirm that the URL was not accessible on ACT and Jio Fiber broadband. Visiting the URL via a web browser displayed the message, “This URL has been blocked under instructions in compliance with the orders of an Hon’ble Court”. The domain appears to be working normally for Airtel users.

GitHub is home to numerous, valuable open source projects. Blocking the domain, which is used to service files stored in GitHub repositories, would restrict access to notable projects including React Native, Linux, and Google’s TensorFlow.

At the same time, Gupta pointed out that previews of Visual Studio Code extensions, Readme files on the GitHub website, and functionality of tools such as Obsidian and Homebrew, which is used to simplify software installation on macOS and Linux, were also affected. Gadgets 360 was able to confirm that “Readme” files used to display descriptions of projects such as the Linux kernel were also unavailable on the affected ISPs.

Although the URL was not accessible via browsers on the affected ISPs, using the Prompt command to send a client URL request (Curl) also returned the same error, informing the user that the host was blocked in accordance with a court order.


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