Today, there are professions in the IT sector that 20 years ago we had no idea could appear. This shows us that there are actually more jobs being created in the tech industry than they are being lost.

What are the most in-demand tech jobs in 2024?

Cyber Security Engineer

It is important to note that there is no unemployment for this position. There are even 4 million cybersecurity experts wanted to prevent threats.

The first step to moving into this field is to begin training in cybersecurity, which culminates in the issuance of a certificate.
Skills that a suitable candidate for the profession should possess are: critical thinking, problem solving skills, good communication, and a desire for continuous learning.

Earning Potential: $97,000 – $144,000

Information Security Analyst

The demand for such specialists is expected to grow by 32%.

Skills that anyone who wants to retrain as an information security analyst should have: analyze data, quickly interpret complex information, sound logic to solve potential problems, and show imagination to find different strategies in solving problems.

Earning Potential: $96 000 – $154 000

Software Developer

In the time range, the trend is from 2021 to 2031 for the demand for software developers to increase by 25%.

The necessary skills for a software developer are: critical thinking to deal with emerging problems, skills to decipher information, creativity to come up with innovative solutions in difficult situations, ability to work in a team.

Earning Potential: $89,000 – $126,000

Cloud Engineer

Cloud platforms are expected to occupy 95% of the workload.

Skills required for the position: critical thinking, excellent communication skills, ability to work in a team.

Salary Range: $125,047 – $143,524

Machine Learning Engineer

It is estimated that the demand for machine learning engineers will increase by 40% between 2023 and 2027.

The right candidate for the job has the skills to manage the specifics of AI and ML. In addition, knowledge of Python, Java and R languages is required for the position. Those wishing to work in this field need to have a good foundation in mathematics as well as statistics.

Machine learning engineers can fit into any platform operating with algorithms and models that allow machines to learn from data as well as make predictions.

Earning Potential: $161,831 – $223,001

Blockchain Engineer

It is planned to create 1 million positions of blockchain engineers.

To be a blockchain engineer, a candidate must have good analytical skills, knowledge of blockchain development tools, financial knowledge, ability to solve problems, and be able to work with the following programming languages: JavaScript, Solidity, Python, Java and Clojure.

Earning Potential: $146,250 – $185,250

Data Analyst

An increase in the demand for specialists in this field is expected by about 25%, or approximately 10,000 positions.

To become a data analyst you will be required to have a good knowledge of the following languages: Python, R or SQL. A good data analyst knows how to identify various anomalies. Communication skills are key in presenting data to be understood by non-technical parties.

Earning Potential: $76,787 – $90,897

Software Engineer

It is estimated that the employment of software engineers will increase by 25% in the range of 2022 to 2032.

The right candidate for this position must possess the following skills and qualities: analytical thinking. It allows them to detect and find solutions to problems, as well as to fix emerging errors.

They understand the principles and tools needed to develop software. They have excellent communication skills and can work in a team. They are proactive in dealing with challenges.

Proficient in the following languages: Python, Java and C++.

Earning Potential: $119,508 – $191,033

Data Scientist

Between 2022 and 2032, about 59,400 jobs in this field are expected to be announced in the United States.

Skills needed to work in this field: attention to detail, analytical thinking, patience, ability to find solutions to problems, creativity and seeing problems from different angles, excellent communication skills.

Data scientists analyze huge databases, identify patterns, predict future trends. They know how to deal with problems arising in business.

Earning Potential: $111,000 – $151,000

Artificial Intelligence Specialist

1 million new AI jobs are expected to be created by 2027. According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2023 report, this position is the fastest growing of any other in the technology industry.

To be a specialist in artificial intelligence, one must have creative thinking, understand how artificial intelligence works in depth. They must be able to analyze data, solve problems, and automate tasks. Adapt to ever-changing technologies and have excellent communication skills.

The candidate for this position needs to be able to work with the following languages: Python, Java and C++.

Earning Potential: $93,000 – $144,000

In conclusion, with the advancement of ever-evolving technologies, quite a few new opportunities will open up for professionals in the IT sector.

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