Notifyre launches its new SmartRouting feature built for transitional messaging.

SmartRouting connects legacy messaging channels like fax to interoperable messaging systems like blockchain-audited encrypted file transfer, allowing users to make the transition in their own time, without being in sync with every other organization in the healthcare industry, according to a press release.  Bradley Davis, CEO of Notifyre said:

“Despite the well-known challenges of fax technology, the healthcare industry retains a deep reliance on this traditional data distribution method.”

Notifyre users can register for a Stirdie Digital ID, which functions as a unique identifier to link existing messaging channels like fax to new technologies such as digital file transfer.

Stirdie Digital ID holders must complete a verification process before being connected to the network to ensure their legitimacy.

SmartRouting assesses whether the recipient has a fax receive number connected to a Stirdie Digital ID when sending a fax. If connected, the option to send using digital file transfer becomes available.

All messages sent between Stirdie Digital IDs are audited with their transactions stored on the blockchain, providing an immutable history of the message.

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