Support for the original 21H2 version of Windows 11 has ended after nearly two years. Microsoft released the new 21H2 version of Windows 11 to consumers on October 5, 2021.

Apart from its modern look, the operating system introduces several productivity-focused features and enhancements such as Snap Layouts, Windows Subsystem for Android, better support for external displays, Windows Widgets and more. However, Windows 21H2 was not received very well by the general audience and many PCs failed to make the switch from Windows 10 to 11, and users disliked the redesigned taskbar and Start menu, which lacked many features, according to users, due to the rushed release of the version.

Although Microsoft spent two years perfecting the 21H2 version and fixing the biggest inaccuracies, it decided to discontinue its support and focus on the latest version of Windows 11 – 22H2, which is claimed to be many times better.

If your computer is still running Windows 11 version 21H2, you can update to 22H2 and the Moment 3 update.

You can also download Moment 4, an optional non-security update with several long-awaited features, such as taskbar regrouping, a redesigned volume slider, native RGB controls, Copilot, and more.
Microsoft will automatically update most Windows 11 users to the Moment 4 update in November 2023. Click here to learn how to install Windows 11 Moment 4.

Microsoft is expected to release Windows 11 version 23H2 with almost zero changes later this year. It will get two years of support, both the original version and version 22H2.

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