Google’s Go programming language has re-entered the top 10 of Tiobe’s ranking of popular programming languages after a nearly six-year absence.

Go ranks 10th in the March edition of the index, after ranking 11th the previous month. The last time the language was in the top 10 list was in July 2017. Its return to the top spot again in the March 2023 index is due to its popularity among software engineers and its strength in combining the right features. This includes built-in concurrency, garbage collection, static typing, and good performance.

According to TIOBE, Google’s support also helps by improving long-term confidence in the language. The Go language is perhaps best known for its use in developing the Docker container system and the Kubernetes container orchestration system.

Whether Go will remain in the top 10 remains to be seen, as Tiobe said the position in the top 10 of the index changes almost every month.

We also present the Top 10 languages in the Tiobe index for March 2023:
1. Python, 14.83%
2. C, 14.73%
3. Java, 13.56%
4. C++, 13.29%
5. C#, 7.17%
6. Visual Basic, 4.75
7. JavaScript, 2.17%
8. SQL, 1.95%
9. PHP, 1.61%
10. Go, 1.24%

Tiobe’s index scores are based on the number of qualified engineers globally, the courses and third-party providers associated with each language. The ratings are calculated using popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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