Intel is set to redefine the computer landscape with the announcement of its AI PC Acceleration Program. This ambitious global innovation aims to usher AI capabilities into over 100 million PCs by 2025, fueled by the much-anticipated Intel® Core™ Ultra processors set to release on Dec. 14.

What the AI PC Acceleration Program Entails:
Intel’s collaboration with an impressive roster of over 100 ISVs – including big names like Adobe, Zoom, Wondershare Filmora, and XSplit – will bring forth 300 AI-accelerated features. These enhancements promise to revolutionize sectors ranging from gaming and content creation to security and video collaboration.

Introduced at Innovation 2023, the program offers a bridge between independent hardware and software vendors, providing them a wealth of Intel resources. The plethora of resources encompass AI toolchains, co-engineering expertise, hardware, design assets, and co-marketing opportunities. Their ultimate goal? To optimize AI and machine learning (ML) applications, spur innovative use cases, and bridge the PC industry to emerging AI solutions. For those keen to dive deeper, the AI PC Acceleration Program website is ripe with information.

“Intel has always believed in the transformative power of software in the AI PC landscape. Our history in AI and our extensive ISV relationships put us in a unique position to spearhead an open ecosystem approach. We’re committed to catalyzing innovations and defining the next chapter of PC experiences,” commented Michelle Johnston Holthaus, EVP and GM of Intel’s Client Computing Group.

Embracing the AI PC Era:
The AI PC is not just a technological advance; it signifies a pivotal moment in the PC domain. This evolution sees software increasingly powered by AI and ML algorithms, giving users unprecedented capabilities – from creating art and music to streamlining work processes. Intel, with its strong foundation in CPU, GPU, and NPU architectures, is primed to lead this transformation, ensuring software runs with optimized performance and power efficiency.

“Partnering with Intel allows us to offer powerful AI tools to a vast AI PC userbase. This collaboration promises a fresh creative landscape for the audio community, and we’re optimistic about the future of AI-driven audio innovations”, Audacity’s Head of Product, Martin Keary, shared his enthusiasm.

“The Intel Core Ultra processor, with its advanced media engine and AI tech, offers an exciting prospect for DaVinci Resolve optimization. We’re eager to leverage this technology and offer unparalleled experiences to our users”, Rohit Gupta, Director of DaVinci Software Engineering at Blackmagic Design, added.

Enriching the PC Realm
The AI PC Acceleration Program is more than just a technical venture. It’s about equipping ISVs with Intel’s expertise for software tuning, availing development tools like OpenVINO, and creating market opportunities.

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