ClickUp announced the release of ClickUp 3.0, the latest version of the platform that aims to shape the future of productivity.

“We built ClickUp 3.0 in direct response to our customers’ requests and feedback. I’m so proud of the result: the next evolution of ClickUp is fast, flexible, and futuristic. With tons of epic new features that will save people time and revolutionize the way they work, ClickUp 3.0 will redefine productivity.”

said Zeb Evans, Founder and CEO, ClickUp.

ClickUp 3.0 unlocks higher levels of team productivity, featuring a new design that is clean, ClickUp AI for writing, summarizing and idea generation. It’s built on a completely redesigned infrastructure engineered for fast speed, reliability, and large scale. ClickUp 3.0 empowers teams to work faster, collaborate more, and save more time.

“Today’s teams are decentralized, working both async and on-the-go. Unfortunately, businesses have continued operating on outdated legacy tools that don’t fit this modern work style. ClickUp 3.0 is the solution, giving users hours back in their day to do their most valuable work.”

said Haris Butt, Head of Product Design, ClickUp.

The innovations introduced with ClickUp 3.0, including dozens of new features and a reimagined user experience, will accelerate team productivity and help customers save more time.

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