Here are several tips for becoming a successful programmer:

Focus on progress

When it comes to web development, it’s an always-changing programming niche. If you aren’t up-to-date with some trendy technologies, languages, or just with fundamentals, you won’t be ahead of others, and that can lead to you not landing that job.

Plan it. Take help from the roadmaps, like a “Front-End Developer Roadmap” created and available on

Try learning techniques

People use different learning techniques, but all of them are similar to one, which you probably know already — the Pomodoro technique. That’s the most effective learning technique for most programmers.

Teaching mindset

When you become a teacher, you’ll not only help others, but you’ll also help yourself! Sharing knowledge is always helpful.

Note your progress

If you write something down on a paper, you’re thinking of what you’re currently writing, you are reading it, and the most important — you understand it better.

Avoid perfection

You will never be able to do something flawlessly. No one will. When it comes to programming, there will always be a better approach, a better understanding, or whatsoever. Rather than trying to do things superbly, make things work, and do it briefly.

This type of approach can slow down your learning process and keep you away from progressing.

Remember to rest

Keep in mind that resting is as important as learning. Especially when it comes to programming, where all you do is learn — you have to take breaks. It won’t only make you feel better, but it’ll make you ready for the new challenges that you’ll face every day as a programmer.

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