It’s clear for the US, but Which Types of Tech Companies in Europe Have the Highest Salaries?

When our goal is high paying software engineering jobs, we hardly think of Germany, France or the Netherlands. The first names and areas that spring to mind are Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York. The fact is that the US is probably where an IT talent can make a lot of money. The average salary for software engineers in the US is $110,140 compared to $52,275 in Germany.

Yes, that’s a difference we can’t ignore. But let’s jump to conclusions and rush to conclusions about IT pay in Europe because nothing is as it seems. When we take a look at the top earning companies in Europe, you’ll notice that they are the ones paying much more than those overall figures you saw above.

If we want to grow in the most lucrative sector in technology, we need to consider a number of factors. Location is obviously among the most important. For example, the highest salaries in Western Europe are in the Netherlands.

The size of the company, its funding and the location of its headquarters are also important. Here are also the highest paid types of tech companies in Europe, according to We Are Developers.

The Four Types of TECH Companies in Europe with the Highest Salaries

FinTech covers everything related to money online. This includes mobile banking, payment processing services, post-payment, wallet management, trading platforms and even cryptocurrencies. Major European companies in this field are N26, Solaris, SumUp, Klarna, Wise, Wirecard. The highest annual salary for a senior engineer is 605,000 euros.

We all know that the FAANG companies (Meta, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google) in the US offer very competitive salary packages. In Europe, it’s no different. According to We Are Developers, FAANG companies tend to offer a higher base salary, but less in terms of equity and bonuses. The highest pay package is €255,000.

Cloud Software
At the risk of sounding mercantile, there’s a lot of money in the cloud space. Plus, the big players are legacy companies like IBM and Oracle. Bay Area international cloud companies pay the highest salaries. Companies like HashiCorp and Databricks. The highest reported remuneration package is €335,000.
Travel sector

It may surprise many to learn that software engineers in the travel sector have the highest earnings in Europe. It actually makes sense when you consider the business model and how big companies like, Trivago and Skyscanner are. They pay their developers well. According to Techpays, the highest remuneration package is €455,000.

Companies Unicorns
These are the companies that reach billion dollar status, pay their senior developers well. Uber is a notable name in this category. In the last few years, there are also several European companies that have become unicorns: Zalando, Bolt, Hopin, Personio, Vinted and Gorillas. According to Techpays, the highest remuneration package is 374,000 euros.

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