The long awaited special edition WR Tech has just been released! And… this is just the 1st part of the whole project.

WR Tech is focused on Women Reality in TECH and is full of true & inspiring stories of successful women.

This project is our most loved and is dedicated to



#Equality in the tech industry.

More than 40 Technology companies from all over the world chose our project to express their views on women diversity, equality and inclusion in the tech industry.

We want to say one big THANK YOU! 

Thanks for your numerous nominations,

Thanks for presenting your inspiring female figures,

Thanks for your amazing stories,

Thanks for your professional attitude,

Thanks for your participation!

You made this project so colorful and blossoming!

Use the hashtag #WomenInTechMatter when sharing and spreading the news.

Subscribe here to get full access to the WR Tech special edition.

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