Romania-based Kubeark raised $2.8 million in a seed round of funding. Its goal is to help enterprises solve their scalability, delivery and lifecycle management challenges.

“Cloud computing continues to be an important technology trend, with ever more businesses becoming cloud-native. In the process, a major persisting challenge they face is to make applications more scalable and easier to deploy. We believe Kubeark is addressing this need by abstracting the complexity and allowing the user to define business rules that power the deployment process,”

said Ondrej Bartos, Co-founder and General Partner at Credo Ventures

The open, infrastructure-independent platform facilitates and innovates the way companies develop business models. With Kubeark, software providers can remove the complexity of the application development lifecycle by seamlessly deploying, managing and scaling applications across any type of infrastructure – from private or public cloud to on-premises, for both open and closed systems.

“Software vendors currently struggle with their hybrid cloud infrastructure and the transformation of products from on-premises to cloud on a large scale. Kubeark helps them achieve operational excellence regardless of where their infrastructure resides: on premises, on public, or on private cloud,”

Bogdan Nedelcov, Kubeark CEO and Co-founder said.

“Our platform ushers in a new era in which software products are delivered as true SaaS products, helping vendors speed time-to-value, hyper-scale their distribution, and SaaSify any piece of software instantly,”

he added.

The investment will help Kubeark accelerate platform development and build a strong network of global partners in order to advance and scale the adoption of its technology.

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