Fortress Web3 Technologies and MassPay presented a revolutionary way for companies to conduct global payout transactions at the Fintech Meetup event in Las Vegas. A new, global payout capability has been integrated that spans over 175 countries and over 70 currencies, including cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. This means businesses can now efficiently execute payments anywhere in the world through one platform.

“We aim to make global payments simpler and more accessible through Web3 infrastructure, while eliminating the cost and compliance-related complexities. With the help of MassPay, we can also provide Fortress clients with an even wider range of payment options, allowing them to focus on building their business rather than worrying about financial logistics”,

said Scott Purcell, CEO and Founder of Fortress.

Managing global payments has previously been a complex and time-consuming task for organizations. The unified Know Your Business (KYB) process and single API enable seamless execution of both traditional financial transactions and new Web3 transactions.

“Together, MassPay’s Global Payout Orchestration Platform and Fortress’s Web3 financial, regulatory, & technology infrastructure eliminate the need for companies to piece together multiple technologies and to navigate the challenges of of making payouts to contractors and creators globally,”

said Jeff Katz, CEO and Founder of MassPay.

“When a company can payout whenever, wherever and however their payees need, it expands the potential for the type of partnerships they can develop with all members of their community”,

he continued.

Fortress and MassPay now allow companies to:
– Issue local bank transfers, mobile web3 wallets, push-to-debit cards, push-to-prepaid cards, cryptocurrency and cash payments through combined capabilities;
– Make payments for millions of individuals in more than 240 markets and in over 50 currencies with a single KYB process;
– Create digital wallets and access traditional financial transaction processes for payees through a single API;
– Use built-in compliance tools to monitor transactions, IDV and wallet verification.

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