The Federal Trade Commission is about to finalize its long-awaited antitrust case against Amazon that could lead to the company’s breakup, Politico reports, citing sources familiar with the case.

The FTC has been investigating the company on a number of fronts, and the upcoming case will be one of the highest-profile moves in the Biden administration’s difficult effort to rein in the tech giants.

The trial is expected to take place in August. According to sources, a number of Amazon’s business practices will be challenged during the trial. If won, it could lead to a $1.3 trillion judicial restructuring of the empire and determine the legacy of Federal Trade Commission Chairman Lina Khan.

Khan is notoriously skeptical of big tech, publishing an academic paper back in 2017 defining Amazon as a modern monopolist that needs to be reined in.

Some say the focus will turn to challenging Amazon Prime, Amazon rules that the FTC says block lower prices on competing websites, and policies that the FTC says force merchants to use Amazon’s logistics and advertising services.

Over the past three years, the FTC has collected millions of documents from Amazon and third parties to build its case, and has even questioned CEO Andy Jassy and former CEO Jeff Bezos, according to some people.

Among the potential lawsuits are allegations similar to existing lawsuits already filed by the attorneys general of Washington and California, according to sources. Those lawsuits center on Amazon’s rules that require third-party retailers to offer their lowest prices on Amazon’s platform, thereby cutting off the ability to lower prices elsewhere.

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