An Amazon Prime Video channel was banned soon after a presenter coincidently showed her breast during a live show. Twitch suspended the official Spanish-language Prime Video on Sunday, without giving a public reason. Twitch has strict rules when it comes to partial or full nudity on camera.

The service’s community guidelines say:

“For those who present as women, we ask that you cover your nipples. We do not permit exposed underbust,”

Also, it does not permit “sexually suggestive content” such as a camera focus on “breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region”.

The Esto es un Late hosts were about to end their weekend stream when Henar Alvarez, a comedian, lifted up her shirt partway, joking that it was one way to end the long broadcast.  While laughing she said:

“We’re about to be banned. Come on. They’re going to ban us!”

What happened after that?

Actually, for a moment, the stream cut to a title card but it was fastly returned to the live feed before Ms Alvarez’s breast vanished from view. Within a few hours later, the channel was banned from Twitch. Also, one of the co-hosts – Mister Jagger tweeted that the show is the “best programme in the world”.

As we know, Twitch was a video game streaming site but as time passes by, it became an all-purpose platform. However, it had some problems over the year with sexually suggestive content.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International