A class action lawsuit by 1,500 UK developers has been filed against Apple for damages worth up to £800 million, TechCrunch reports.The tech giant is accused of abusing its dominant position by charging a 30% “anti-competitive” fee on domestic sales made by app makers on its iOS app store.

The claim alleges that UK developers are being deprived of money that could be spent on research and development to drive innovation in apps.

The claim is a class action, and this means that UK-based developers do not have to register to be included in any profits. The amount of compensation for each developer will be calculated based on their iOS app business – so the amounts paid out can vary widely and in some cases can even run into millions of pounds.

For its part, Apple continues to reject accusations that it is profiting at the expense of developers. The company claims that the fees it charges allow it to provide iOS users with a premium experience, noting that store administration includes reviewing apps for security and privacy, among other quality checks.

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