You ever wonder what your life would be like if you were working in Google? Well here is a sample from the company’s latest edition of “My Path to Google” in which you can read interesting interviews and material of people, working there.

The edition introduces us with Krithika Ramanarayanan – head of business insights for online partners. She joined the company sixth months ago when the pandemic had already hit the physical presence in offices.

Krithika’s experience with Google has been completely virtual and she shares what it’s been like to interview and start at Google during a pandemic and how she’s gotten to know her team and Google’s culture, all without stepping foot into an office.

So, as we already mentioned, she Is head of business insights for the Online Partnerships Group (OPG) based in Dublin, Ireland. She leads the core analyst team which supports data-driven business decisions and market trend investigations. Krithika works with sales, product and leadership teams to help online publishers grow their businesses and in turn achieve our vision—fund the world’s information by enabling content creators.

It’s been six months since I joined Google. Initially it was unusual not meeting people, and having a 2-year-old at home meant joining a lot of introduction calls with him running around in the background. But the virtual onboarding process for Google was structured in a way that made me feel supported during my journey as a “Noogler.”


The best advice I got from my manager at that time was to get to know the products and the business whenever there were opportunities to do so. That helped me to hit the ground running once I started working with the team on projects. I’m curious by nature and learning something new every day about OPG or in the wider Google community keeps me motivated,” Krithika says.

She recalls that the interviewing process was quite straightforward and really pleasant.

My recruiter and I still catch up for a coffee chat every few weeks, and that’s something I really appreciate as they still make the time for me. I had a couple of phone chats with people from the OPG team and then the interviews, which to be honest were nothing like what the internet led me to believe. I really enjoyed the discussion, as that’s what the interviews felt like”.

Krithika’s job involves a lot of communication, so it’s interesting how she’s handling the job while working remotely. She says that she hosts lots and lots of Google Meet calls, and not hesitating to ask whoever she meets to recommend three more people to talk to next. “I try to make those conversations about getting to know Google and getting to know the person I am speaking with”.

And for the finale – for everyone who is considering whether to start a job in Google or not, Krithika’s advice is not to be put off by the idea of starting remotely at first. “Google has made massive efforts to ensure the process is smooth and fun. The teams and people you interact with from day one will ensure that your onboarding process is a rewarding, welcoming experience”.