The first SmartThings standalone smart home controller at CES 2022 was introduced by Samsung. The Samsung Home Hub’s design is set to be a central place for household control and it will monitor your smart home. However, it will be firstly launched in Korea in the first half of 2022.

Is the transition from smartphone control of the smart home to voice control an easy job? Well, sometimes it is quite easier to tap on a screen to turn on the lights, for example, than just raising your voice.

Samsung Home Hub has a vertical screen which is actually convenient because you can fit and customize more icons on the screen and have access to more controls.

Also, it contains a Favorites home screen where you can find your favorite devices on it and shortcuts to screens. It gives you access to services such as SmartThings Cooking, a Devices page, a Life page, etc. There, you can find  Samsung’s connected services, for example Cooking, Clothing Care, Energy, Pet, etc.

In 2021 Samsung announced partnerships which were supposed to enable this real-time monitoring of whole-home energy consumption on the SmartThings App. It also monitors the power usage of all devices which are connected. Moreover, it recommends some ways for you to save energy.

The company shared that it is a member of the Home Connectivity Alliance. It was founded in September 2021 and it’s main goal is to create “Cloud to cloud interoperability across brands,” or at least that is what they say on their webpage. According to Samsung’s press release, the Alliance is about to help “ensure that having devices across multiple brands doesn’t require you to compromise your smart home experience.”

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