Intel has announced new massive layoffs in the US to cut costs, Business Today reports. According to a Sacramento Inno report, the company has cut 89 jobs at its Folsom campus and 51 jobs at its San Jose, California, office.

In May, the company said it planned to lay off employees to cut costs after suffering losses.

The cuts will take effect at the end of the month. According to sources, Intel will lay off 10 GPU software engineers, 8 system software development engineers, 6 cloud software engineers, 6 product marketing engineers and 6 system-on-chip design engineers, as well as other employees.

Earlier this year, in May, Intel announced its cost-cutting plan in a difficult macroeconomic environment.

In June this year, however, there were rumors that the company was planning to sell its Bengaluru office as it would continue to focus on the Hybrid-first model.

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