SoundVision is an innovative application with which Scalefocus managed to win the Grand Stevie Award. The app serves to improve mobility for blind people. With the help of various features that transmit information in real time, the app is an ease in the lives of the visually impaired.

SoundVision is a hardware and software solution with a comprehensive combination of features that provides blind and visually impaired people with new ways to interact with the world and is beneficial to the global healthcare industry. The device is palm-sized and comfortable to use. Combined with a mobile app, SoundVision helps users become more active and independent by providing real-time information about their surroundings.

The country’s first Grand Stevie goes to Scalefocus after the company received an average score of 9.11/10 for its entry, making it the highest-rated nomination for a new product in the “Health Technology Solution” category.

“The idea for the SoundVision project came about as part of an internal hackathon we held at Scalefocus some time ago, and today we have a patent for this device for assisting blind people via a touch hub, which comes to replace the white cane and helps in a range of other activities. The device has been developed entirely in-house – from idea, through design, to the creation of the software and hardware.” says Ivan Ivanov, CEO of the company.

The SoundVision product was developed with the support of Innovation Norway, in partnership with the Norwegian Computer Center Adaptor Norway and the Synergia Foundation in Bulgaria.

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