The Pollfish AI platform, will generate survey questionnaires based on sentences entered by the user on a specific topic of interest. The generated surveys can then be edited and adapted by users to better suit their requirements.

“The ability to create a survey at lightning speed will allow brands, researchers, and marketers to quickly get insights from our millions of engaged global respondents.”

said John Papadakis, founder and chief executive at Pollfish.

“We’re especially thrilled about the release of Pollfish AI, which furthers Prodege’s mission to make research accessible for all, by making the process of creating surveys simple, accurate, and fun.”

said Mendy Orimland, chief revenue officer at Prodege.

Pollfish AI is the easiest to use and one of the fastest platforms for creating surveys using artificial intelligence. It can generate a professional survey questionnaire in 30 seconds or even less, all based on a single sentence the user types on the topic of interest.

Pollfish generates full surveys from commands like, “create a pricing survey for my new health app,” “consumer attitudes about buying a home in these macroeconomic conditions,” or “what’s the best way to compete with the leading coffee chains?”

Surveys can be quickly and easily enhanced with additional queries such as “add more pricing options” or “make this more applicable to the healthcare industry”. Pollfish AI also adds value to surveys by bringing new insights, illuminating meaningful insights from questions you wouldn’t have thought to ask.

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