Hardly anyone who is more familiar with the C++ programming language would deny the fact that it has excellent performance.

C++ is a compiled language, not an interpreted programming language, which makes it almost as fast as the speed of the computer itself. And this is one of the main reasons why developing games with C++ has almost become the standard.

C++ in the Gaming World
Video games can sometimes contain hundreds of thousands of lines of code that are processed by the game engine, and if the programming language used to write that code is too slow, it can affect the in-game experience. And who would want that to happen?

Due to its speed, C++ has had the biggest impact on the creation of game engines. Did you know that Unity, Unreal, and Frostbyte were created using C++ game programming?

C++ allows a process called “dynamic memory allocation”. This gives the developer much more control over how much memory is used by their code, as well as system resources. This is part of what makes programming games in C++ so convenient.

And that’s not all. Anyone who’s been even slightly interested in game development knows how big an impact Unreal and Unity have had on game developers. In addition, most game engines can also use C++, making it possible to not only develop an engine for video games, but a game that works with it.

Did you know?
The C ++ game development community made the languages more accessible. And now, programmers and video game developers who are familiar with the language are always easy hires.

Here’s a list of popular games made in C++:
1. Mortal Kombat 11
2. Batman Arkham Origins
3. Fortnite
4. Splinter Cell
5. Unreal Tournament
6. Half-Life 2
7. Portal
8. Killing Floor
9. Left 4 Dead
10. Team Fortress

In the gallery you can see which games are programmed with C++.

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