Appfire has announced that it has initiated an acquisition process for 7pace. By purchasing the best-selling Azure DevOps application, Appfire will have the opportunity to take its rightful place in the Microsoft ecosystem. The new changes will also improve interaction with users, giving them new time management advantages.

Designed and built by developers for developers, 7pace Timetracker incorporates AI and machine learning to seamlessly capture timing data within a developer’s workflow, giving individuals and teams the information, they need to improve how they work across platforms. The information is received in real-time, making the platform’s performance almost infallible.

The entire 7pace team – many of whom are local to 7pace’s headquarters in Munich, Germany – joins Appfire. This new location will allow Appfire to provide more direct support to customers and channel partners in the German market.

“To achieve success and ambitious transformation, product developers need to spend more time innovating. 7pace has developed an AI-powered experience that teams not only want, but need.”

Randall Ward, co-founder and CEO of Appfire

Time tracking is often associated with negative perceptions of management oversight, lost productivity, and unintuitive platforms. Timetracker actually alleviates these pain points and puts the focus on the developer’s needs, flipping the script from the outdated, context-unaware mod

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