Codefresh has announced the introduction of a new dashboard for environments to collect information about GitOps and Argo CD projects. With its latest update, Codefresh hopes to make it easier for development teams to manage applications throughout the software development lifecycle.

“As businesses and DevOps teams grow, Argo CD instances split, and microservices multiply, managing the lifecycle of each application across environments becomes complex and arduous. The new Codefresh capabilities infuse much-needed clarity and GitOps governance across hundreds of applications deploying to potentially thousands of locations – with a unified, intuitive single-screen experience”, said Dan Garfield, co-founder and chief open-source officer at Codefresh.

The newly launched feature by the tech giant intends to consolidate data regarding GitOps and Argo CD projects. Codefresh equates an ‘environment’ to either, a cluster of separate applications, namespaces in a single cluster, or namespaces spread across multiple clusters.

During the webinar Kostis Kapelonis, the Senior Developer Advocate at Codefresh, addressed some of the limitations of using Argo CD in isolation. Specifically, he highlighted the absence of a concept of environments and the lack of context awareness about applications, such as understanding if applications are elements of a larger product ecosystem.

The freshly launched environments dashboard plans to bridge this gap. It proposes a unified screen layout that chronologically represents environments, progressing from the development phase, followed by testing, and finally, to the implementation stage. It allows developers the privilege to establish which applications a product encompasses, and subsequently, assign these products to their respective environment. Similarly to other platforms like AppMaster’s no-code platform which has proven pivotal in enhancing development procedures.

Codefresh further elaborates that this single-screen experience eliminates the need for developers to alternate between multiple windows for terminal, GitHub, or an IDE at the time of managing environments or propelling applications to the production stage.

Kapelonis also highlighted that this new environment manager is an effective tool that helps project managers comprehensively understand the status of various features in specific environments. Simultaneously, developers are allowed a more granular view of deployments and can delve further into distinct applications via a timeline view. This holistic view demonstrates how applications have navigated through varied environments, as Kapelonis elucidated.

This new update from Codefresh can potentially revolutionize the software development life cycle, making it more intuitive and efficient, similar to the offerings of emerging technology like the low-code & no-code platforms such as AppMaster.

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