Slack has released updates to its Slack API platform that create features that interact with any API, Tech Target reports.

Some of the updates include tools for creating apps on top of Slack, including the Slack CLI – Slack’s command-line interface for interacting with apps – and the TypeScript SDK. More secure data storage and better sharing capability to connect created products with other users.

The new modular architecture includes three basic units: functions, triggers, and workflows.

The company is expected to update its no-code Workflow Builder later this year to allow users to automate Slack and integrate commonly used tools. Workflow Builder will let users create functions and workflows by mixing triggers, inputs and outputs with functions for their most commonly used software.

“The new architecture is very consistent with trends in IT infrastructure that promote composable solutions. And they are turning more controls over to users to innovate.”

said Dan Miller Opus Research analyst.

According to Miller, the next frontier for Slack will be generative artificial intelligence. Microsoft has already incorporated its Copilot generative AI into Teams to create reviews and task notes by synthesizing text from messages.

The updated developer platform comes two years after Salesforce acquired Slack for $27.7 billion. Salesforce’s own collaboration platform, Chatter, never really caught on, even after it was revamped to include social messaging tools for marketers.

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