Copado, a Salesforce DevOps platform provider, has extended the beta program for its AI platform, CopadoGPT, to include all customers following a successful internal validation.

CopadoGPT acts as a comprehensive intelligence layer across platforms, offering guidance and suggestions for optimal Salesforce DevOps practices. It accelerates test generation, enhances user stories, and generates release notes.

“Copado is an AI-first company with a focus on maximizing the customer experience. The expansion of CopadoGPT’s beta access marks a significant milestone in our journey to embed AI deeply into the fabric of Salesforce DevOps. This AI DevOps advisor is not just a tool; it’s a partner that enhances our customers’ capabilities to innovate rapidly and with confidence,” said Federico Larsen, chief technology officer at Copado.

The platform was developed by the company to improve time to value, increase customer satisfaction and accelerate digital transformation efforts.

“Copado’s approach of combining deep DevOps domain knowledge with the power of GenAI will enable SaaS development teams to significantly make their development and deployment processes much more productive”, said Diego Lo Giudice, vice president principal analyst at Forrester.

In a recent post, the company emphasized that CopadoGPT underscores Copado’s commitment to an AI-first approach and will persistently drive the development of new product capabilities to propel digital transformation forward.

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