Students in China have created a special $70 InvisDefense outfit that makes people invisible to AI surveillance cameras.

The camouflage is called InvisDefense. It was developed by a group of graduate students from Wuhan University on the occasion of their participation in a cybersecurity innovation competition. With this outfit, they unprecedentedly won first place.

The graduates tested their project at the university. On the surface, InvisDefense looks like an ordinary camouflage-patterned cape, but for AI-based security systems, it’s an invisibility cloak. The recognition accuracy of AI surveillance cameras has more than halved (by 57%). But students plan to improve InvisDefense.

Camouflage is able to fool the recognition system both during the day and at night. The clothing has a special image on it, which misleads AI during the daytime.

When analyzed in infrared light, the wiring comes into play, releasing heat and creating an unusual heat pattern, hiding the person from the camera lenses.

InvisDefense will cost $70 if the garment makes it to retail. The graduate students also said they plan to create the same camouflage for vehicles and will think about how to fool satellite tracking systems.

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