This is our second article, which is part of the series “Software development in 2021 and beyond”. Here we are speaking about how we can help grow and support developer talent, how to improve developer inclusivity and how to help engineering teams scale-out through open source and low-code tools.

Today’s topic will be related to developer’s framing

Having solid technical knowledge and developer expertise in higher demand than ever before, coding will become the second most spoken language on Earth over the next few years.

As we said in the previous article, we have to be prepared for the next developers’ generation. In doing so, Microsoft has teamed up with partners like Warner Bros, LeBron James, and Netflix. By connecting learning content to something inspiring and interesting, computer science and coding become less intimidating and more attractive and attainable for users of all ages. Coding with your superheroes, favorite athletes, and cartoon characters is like a dream come true, however, it takes more than technical skills to succeed. A series of mentoring toolkits are helping students and educators build vital skills like confidence, communication, problem-solving, and resilience.

All these innovations are building one more inclusive future for the tech industry.

The educational system is also changing significantly. There are a variety of ways in which one can develop the required technical skills. From classical physical settings to self-taught learners or even blended learning with virtual and hybrid spaces. In remote learning environments, the educational institutions build special cloud-hosted platforms and tools that support students in their self-service environments and at-scale learning and collaboration.

For instance, Microsoft is currently building platforms for teaching people how to code. The platform provides all the infrastructure for remote learning – the developer environment, lab and tools for real-time collaboration to facilitate rapid learning at scale.

Take home message:

Developing resilience will not only improve how we build technical skills as individuals, but also improve how we collaborate to make tech a better environment for everyone!

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