Vercel is releasing new features in its Developer Experience Platform to enable development teams to work faster and more productively without making mistakes.

“As organizations grow, it can become hard to sustain fast release cycles without diminishing code health and letting errors slip into production. It shouldn’t be this way. We should be able to move fast without breaking things – making quick updates and innovating while retaining great performance, security, and accessibility,” Brody McKee and Cody Brouwers, software engineers for Vercel, wrote in a blog post.

Conformance new feature that automatically detects critical issues early in the development lifecycle. It does this through static analysis before the merge takes place.

The company says of this feature that it works with multiple files, meaning that each file does not need to be checked individually. This gives developers a more holistic perspective of their database.

Additionally, it furnishes a scoring system for identifying issues, enabling development teams to effectively prioritize their tasks. In particular, you have the option to approve a set number of issues prior to production deployment. Subsequently, you can monitor the process of removing these issues and systematically addressing them to enhance the overall code health, as stated by McKee and Brouwers.

“Creating security rules with Conformance and Code Owners brings your security team into the development process. Conformance catches issues that could become security vulnerabilities, like unsafe usage of cookies in your application, before they make it to production. Similarly, Code Owners ensures no one on your team becomes a security vulnerability. Using the features together, you can define an allowlist file for Security rules, and then assign your Security team as code owner of that file,” McKee and Brouwers explained.

But that’s not all. Vercel has also enhanced the Developer Experience Platform dashboard to better work with these new features.

Team members can see global code status, compliance scores, and the teams responsible for a repository.

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